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  9.34 AM 20 December, 2012

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What is happening?

The Radio Dispatch Service (RDS) Project is currently negotiating with a preferred tenderer for a radio communications service.

Upon successful completion of the negotiation, the tenderer will provide CFA with a digital radio dispatch capability for regional Victoria (Outer-metro districts 7,8,13 and 14 are not included in the project scope at present). 

Why is CFA running this project?

The new service will provide an ‘all-informed’ digital radio dispatch service across regional Victoria which meets public safety standards and CFA specifications. The new CFA radio terminals (TAIT) are digital ready.

How will the RDS be implemented?

The service will be implemented in each District sequentially. Service implementation and acceptance does not mean automatic operational transition to RDS.

The project will organise training and transition in each District. The training and transition will be planned in consultation with and at the discretion of District Operations Manager. Once training is completed the whole of the district will transition at an agreed time.

The current Interim Regional Dispatch Radio Service would continue in the District until operational transition to RDS occurs.

When will RDS begin implementation?

CFA will start implementing the service once the contract is finalised. All Districts will be advised as soon as possible of timelines for training and transition.

What will change?

Regional brigades will have direct communications with the ESTA Communications Centres and be dispatched under a consistent Category 1 process. For normal day-to-day operations Category 5  dispatch will no longer be used. 

Project outcomes

The project will result in all brigades operating as Category 1 dispatch, having direct radio communications with the operators at ESTA SECC. This will decrease dispatch fault probability and reduce the need for volunteers to support day-to-day dispatch activities.

The project will implement a District based dispatch service with one channel for the whole District. There will be no need to change channels while travelling within a District. The project will also provide a platform for the introduction of Resource Tracking, Status Messaging and Duress signalling in the future.


Rod Johnston

Project Director

Radio Dispatch Project

Rohit Tangri

Organisational Change Manager

Radio Dispatch Project

Enquiries to:

Tenia Vergos

RDS Project Coordinator

(03) 9262 8277

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Last Updated: 20 December 2012