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Ready for the future - update

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 6 November, 2009

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Thank you for your feedback on my last blog entry about CFA's changing boundaries and improved command and control arrangements. It's encouraging to me that so many of you are passionate about ensuring we do the best thing for CFA as well as the community, so I wanted to give you an update on progress since I last blogged.

The program to move to these new boundaries and trial the command and control improvements is being called "Ready for the Future". The guts of the program is to deliver our part of the command and control arrangements and consult and work across the state to align our regions and areas to local government areas (LGAs) and state regional boundaries.

We have to have the revised Command and Control arrangements implemented as soon as possible and the revised LGA/state regional boundaries by 1 July 2010. We are unlikely to move CFA administratively and structurally to the revised state regional and LGA boundaries during the fire season.

To support the Ready for the Future program, we've established three separate projects that are in their very early planning stages.

State Command and Control Project
This will reorganise our State Control Centre and Operations Directorate support/service delivery to support CFA (and the Chief Officer's) lead role in fire preparedness and control of fire response for Victoria.

Area of Operations Project
This will deliver capability/availability of Area Fire Controllers for regional preparedness and emergency management control. This includes aligning this effort for preparedness and planning with LGAs and the state regional boundaries.

Boundary Alignment Project
This will reorganise CFA state-wide to shape to LGA's and state regional boundaries.

Each of these projects needs consultation, people, detail and issues to be carefully scoped and completed. That planning work is in progress now and we have asked for feedback from our General Managers (GMs) and Operations Managers (OMs) to ensure key issues are considered and addressed now. Your views too are greatly appreciated and can be fed back through the regional GMs and OMs or directly to me.

I will keep you posted as we continue to ready CFA for the future.

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