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Recognising CFA service, OSOM and trust

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 1 August, 2011

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National Junior Cadet Championships, NSW, October:
CFA will again be selecting one Junior Member from each of the 20 districts, and eight Junior leaders to attend the National Cadet Championships. The week will include 2 days in Sydney prior to the championships, including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The selection criteria and expression of interest forms are on Brigades Online. Selections of successful nominees will be done with the VFBV. Funding of the trip is paid for by the CFA Youth Unit. CFA Youth are inspiring. Their enthusiasm and attitude always leaves me with a confidence that this is a good investment.

Recognising CFA Service During The 2009 Bushfires:
The 2009 bushfires are etched in history and in the memories of so many CFA members. For some time now, the Board has been planning that CFA member service over the 2009 Gippsland fires, Black Saturday and the ensuing campaign fires, be recognised. Recognition will be in a number of ways:

Firstly, the Board is keen to recognise the efforts of EVERY Brigade through the issuing of a certificate. During these fires, CFA members were drawn from many Brigades and from throughout CFA Districts, Regions and Headquarters departments. It is appropriate that EVERY Brigade be recognised for the fact that they were there and ready to serve, or to cover for those Brigades and members actively deployed. The issuing of a framed and signed certificate to every Brigade, Group, District, Region and Department recognises that CFA is a team.

Secondly, CFA intends to commission a 2009 Fires Campaign Badge. This will be a small badge to be issued to CFA members who were involved in the campaign fires, from the "front-line" firefighters to those in incident management, support and coordination roles. The badge is in the final stages of design and it will feature the yellow ribbon that has symbolised the 2009 bushfires in the community. For some months now, CFA has been seeking feedback from Brigades, Groups, Districts, Regions and Headquarters Departments of the prospective numbers for the Campaign Badge. Members who would to like to receive a badge can order one by contacting their Brigade secretary or emailing their name, Brigade or Department and contact details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, Regional Managers have been asked to consider a commemoration and appreciation function at local or District level at which the certificates and Campaign Badges can be presented to Brigade representatives and CFA leaders. Whilst this is work in progress, presentations may coincide with Bushfire Action week (likely to be in November) or with pre-fire season activities.

VicSES Using OSOM:
Manager I/T Michael Foreshew advises that the SES successfully used One Source One Message (OSOM) late last week to provide flood warning information to Gippsland communities. This is a good example of the strategies in place to develop a single Common Operating Platform and a common set of warning protocols between emergency services. This is a significant task that is quite complex. CFA continues to work with DSE, SES, MFB and the Fire Services Commissioner to develop a vision for technology platforms that are tenure and agency "blind".

About Trust:
Trust underpins much of what CFA stands for. Trust is essential in the way that we, on behalf of CFA, undertake our daily tasks. Trust is a form of faith: a belief in the rightness and goodness of someone to do the right thing. To trust someone, is to rely on them and to rely on their judgement so that, in what they do, they will be true to you in their word and deed. Trust can be a very powerful motivator. Trust may be given through power, position or authority. But trust can also be earned through deed, conduct and attitude that is honest, respectful and honourable. Thus, someone who is trustworthy may be seen as a role model of citizenship. Trust is fragile and can be so easily lost or destroyed. Trust is linked to integrity and respect. Along with trust, a positive attitude, alignment of thought and open communication are the ingredients of good cooperation between people and agencies. We should all continuously work to earn and maintain the trust of those around us.

Quote of the week:
"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second is listening, the third is memory, the fourth is practice and the fifth is teaching others."

- Solomon Ibn Gabriel

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