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Recognising our volunteers - Molesworth Brigade

  • John McCormack receiving 60 year service medal from CFA Board member Peter Shaw
  • John McCormack with fellow member John Sinclair (NEM recipient and 55 years service)
  • National Emergency Medal recipients

By: Therese Morris

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  1.03 PM 22 March, 2017

Location: District 12 News

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More than 90 people attended the luncheon at which 19 brigade members were presented with National Emergency Medals and 36 members received CFA Service Awards with a combined total of volunteer service of 990 years.

It was a full house at the local hall on Sunday 19 March as members of the Molesworth Fire Brigade were presented with National Emergency Medals (Vic Fire 2009) and CFA Service Awards.

The National Emergency Medals were presented by State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish, and CFA Board member, Peter Shaw to John Canny, Rohan Bett, Richard Birch, Darren Ridd, Leslie Ridd, Matthew Ridd, Andrew Russell, John Sinclair, Johnathon D Waterhouse and Andrew Zerbe, Lloyd Bett, Lou Danieli, Tom McCormack, Graham Mann and Ron Perry. Absent recipients of the National Emergency Award were Andrew Arthur, Andrew Zerbe, John Bett, Nick Fisher, Rohan Bett and Graham Scott.

Following the presentation of the National Emergency Medals, Peter Shaw and CFA District 12 Operations Manager and OIC, Rob van Dorsser presented CFA Service Awards. Of special significance was a remarkable 60 Year Award presented to John McCormack.

Recipients of service medals were John McCormack (60 year), John Sinclair (55 year), John Bett, Leslie Ridd, Lawry Hood (50 year), Robert Morris (40 year), Gary Fitzgerald, Peter Morris (35 year), Paul Geeson, Ern Hunt, Paul Jeffery, Therese Morris, Ron Perry, Richard Sinclair, Johnathon D Waterhouse, Andrew Williamson, Doug Zerbe, Andrew Zerbe (30 year), Graham Mann, Tom McCormack, Graham Scott, Charles Spanjer, Trevor Young (25 years), Andrew Arthur, Lloyd Bett, Lou Danieli, Nick Fisher, Darren Ridd (20 years), Rohan Bett, Richard Birch, John Canny, Matthew Ridd, Andrew Russell (15 years), Frank Binotto, James O’Malley, Johnathon R Waterhouse (5 year certificate).

Family and friends who gathered for the ceremony and luncheon applauded the recipients heartily, proud of their brigade's community service and the calibre of character which led them to give that service.

The brigade wishes to acknowledge the support of the Volunteer Sustainability Team.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017