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Reflash rolls on

By: Radio Dispatch Service

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  1.18 PM 16 October, 2013

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Districts 6 and 16 are next in line for reflashing radios, starting on Monday, 21 October.

The radio reflash is being undertaken by the Regional Radio Dispatch Service Project as part of preparation for transition to the new digital radio dispatch network.  The reflashing involves updating the software in the Tait radios and is necessary to enable the radios to access the digital network.

Reflashing started in Districts 2, 12, 14 and 15 in September, with the teams of Reflash Support Officers making great progress since then. 

RRDS Logistics Manager Darren Grundy was pleased with the reflash progress, the result of careful planning and great support from Brigades and Members. 

“Our Regional Co-ordinators put a lot of time into planning the schedule in each District and then working with Brigades,” Darren said.

“The support from Brigades and Members, particularly in making radios available at scheduled times, has been a significant factor in the reflash proceeding so well.”

“As a result, we have stuck very closely to our schedule and minimised the number of follow up visits we have had to make to stations.”

In November, the reflash is planned to start in Districts 5, 7 and 23 as well as training the first Brigades in preparation for transition in December.

More information about the RRDS Project is available on Brigades Online.

Last Updated: 16 October 2013