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Reflecting on extraordinary season

  • District 9 Operations Manager Mark Jones
  • Greg Bantock with Chief Officer Euan Ferguson
  • HR Manager Robyn Dodd with Chief Officer Euan Ferguson
  • Finance Officer Norah Warburton
  • Operations Manager Daryll Hunter
  • Operations Officer Bill Alards
  • Keith Condratoff with Chief Officer Euan Ferguson
  • Manager Community Safety John Crane with Chief Officer Euan Ferguson
  • Operations Officer Simon Bloink with Chief Officer Euan Ferguson

After one of their most challenging and complex summers to date, CFA Gippsland staff took a day out last week to reflect on what has been an extraordinary fire season.

Regional Director Mark Potter said that firefighters had seen some of the most intense fire behaviour they’re ever likely to see, and commended the efforts of everyone involved in preventing lives from being lost - including the Gippsland community.

“It was a long season and our people took it in their stride. Firefighters have battled more than 220 bushfires across Gippsland since early January, and many also helped with the fires in New South Wales before Christmas,” said Mark.

“I’m extremely proud of the way our team has responded to these emergencies, which affected thousands of Gippsland families in some way or another and burnt nearly 200,000 hectares but didn’t take anyone’s life.”

CFA Gippsland also used the day as an opportunity to review the year that was and participate in a resilience workshop to build personal development skills.

“It’s extremely important for us as a fire and emergency service to take the time to ensure that we are a healthy and robust organisation. It’s critical that we as individuals take the time to look after ourselves and recognise that we have personal priorities like families who need us as much and our communities do,” said Mark.

CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson attended the day thanking Gippsland staff for their ongoing commitment.

The Chief Officer took the opportunity to formally recognise a number of CFA staff with service awards:

  • Robyn DODD. Manager, Human Resources 5 Year Certificate of Service
  • Norah WARBURTON Regional Finance Officer CFA 15 Year service Clasp
  • Keith CONDRATOFF Brigade Admin Support Officer CFA 20 Year service Clasp
  • Greg BANTOCK Logistics Officer CFA 30 Year service Clasp
  • Daryll HUNTER Operations Manager. CFA 30 Year Service Clasp
  • Simon BLOINK Operations Officer CFA 35 Year Service Clasp
  • William ALARDS Operations Officer. CFA 35 Year Service Clasp

CFA Manager Community Safety John Crane was awarded the National Medal for his work in Fire and Emergency management dating back to 1989.

Last Updated: 28 April 2014