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Renegade and South Morang team up

By: Anton Milne

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  11.34 AM 7 January, 2013

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It was a day of fun and excitement on Saturday 5 January 2013 when South Morang Fire Brigade were visited by Melbourne Renegades star Marlon Samuels.

For a few of the South Morang Members it was a fantastic opportunity (and bit of a thrill) as they got to meet Marlon, and make him an honorary CFA member for the morning.

In attendance were Renegades CEO Stuart Coventry, along with CFA Captain Lindsay McHugh and CFA Members Darryl Smith, Steve Brooke and Nathan Shell.

The morning wasn’t just a lot of fun for the people from CFA but for Marlon also as he briefly put aside the Bat and Pads, and replaced them with a fire hose and full turn out gear. He then took some time to speak with the people there, use some of the equipment and pose for some great photos (see below).

He also presented a Cricket Bat signed by the Melbourne Renegades to Lindsay and the South Morang Brigade as a way to say thank you for having them, and appreciation for all the hard work that they do.

While fun was the first priority of the day, it was also a great opportunity for CFA to use its partnership with the Renegades to continue to push its messages about the importance of bushfire safety this summer.

A special thanks to South Morang Brigade for being available on the day and making it such a great success, and also to Marlon and the Melbourne Renegades for making it possible.

Last Updated: 07 January 2013