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Rescue Awareness Training


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  6.03 PM 20 May, 2014

Location: District 15 News

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Three Ballarat group brigades undertook rescue awareness training with Ballarat brigade

Balllarat Fire Brigade was invited to attend a training night with Miners Rest, Invermay, and Cardigan Fire Brigades, this night was organised by Miners Rest Brigade and the Ballarat Group, to show non rescue brigades, what to do at the scene of a road rescue.

The night started off by the brigades getting responded to a map reference where a two car collision occured, once on scene crews were required to undertake scene safety, first aid and request further resourses. During the sizeup it was found another car had been involved and rolled on its roof some distance away trapping the driver.

Ballarat rescue crew and others from Ballarat extricated the patients from the vehicles while the other brigades provided fire protection and role playing as Ambulance officers, Media and other roles. Once all the patients were extricated Ballarat rescue crews offered members from Miners Rest, Invermay and Cardigan a go on the hydralic tools, this was done under the close watchful eye of experienced rescue members.

The night was enjoyed by all and many learnings have came out of it, a short discussion and debrief was held at the conclusion of the night

Last Updated: 20 May 2014