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Resources allocated across Victoria

Four CFA strike teams have been assembled and deployed to northern Victoria to assist if needed and are on stand-by to help in southern NSW.

A strike team from CFA’s Southern Metropolitan region and one from Eastern Metropolitan region have been sent to the Wangaratta Airfield staging area.

A strike team from Loddon Mallee region and one from North West Metropolitan region have been sent to Wodonga TAFE staging area.

The teams will arrive early this afternoon (Tuesday, 8 January).

SCC Deputy State Controller (and CFA Chief Officer), Euan Ferguson, said each strike team is made up of five tankers, a leader vehicle and 30 personnel.

“These teams will be strategically based where the Victorian fire risk is the greatest and will be ready to help local crews,” he says.

“They can also be moved quickly to assist in southern NSW, where they are experiencing an extremely serious fire day.

“The strike teams can operate for an initial four-day period and plans to provide further, longer term back-up are being developed.”

CO Ferguson said two fire-bombing helicopters (air crane Elvis and the smaller Bell 212) have already moved up to Wangaratta and Benalla today. Each helicopter can carry approximately 7000 litres of fire retardant. 

Last Updated: 08 January 2013