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Retiring from the Board

By: Kerry Murphy

  11.00 AM 29 August, 2012

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After five and a half years as Chairman of the CFA Board and many more years as an active CFA member, I have decided to retire from the Board. I contemplated retirement a couple of times in recent years, but it has only been in the last six months or so that I have felt the time is now right to do so, satisfied that the organisation is in good shape and is well positioned to progress in the future.
I have been privileged to have served at a time that has seen a transformation of CFA. The devastating 2009 fires tested our all and also validated the safety improvements put in place since the Linton tragedy, such as enhancements to crew protection on trucks that saved the lives of crew members who experienced many burnover incidents on Black Saturday. I do believe that this major event has been a catalyst for CFA to introduce an array of new equipment and appliances, improved operational procedures, further safety improvements, better personal protective clothing and a better design of our tankers.
CFA continues to evolve, adapt and participate in a wider field of cooperation with other agencies, which is good for CFA and Victoria. We are contributing to the government's emergency management reform - the most significant review in 30 years - that will shape the future of fire and emergency management in Victoria.
I want to acknowledge and thank all those who have made up the CFA Board. In recent times the Board has excelled and achieved a level of maturity and quality previously unmatched. This has been attained in a collegiate environment of vigorous debate, but always resolved for the best outcome for CFA and the communities we serve.
We have developed an outstanding executive team headed by Chief Executive Officer Mick Bourke and, importantly, we have re-established the primacy of the role of Chief Officer Euan Ferguson. These leaders demonstrate what can be achieved through a harmonious and respectful relationship.
Lastly, I want to pay special tribute to the sustained and extraordinary commitment of volunteers and career staff to firefighting, incident management, community engagement, resource coordination, logistics, peer support, community assistance, and numerous administration roles; and all in the interests of their local communities.
While we have faced great adversity we have also achieved enormous success and this could not have been achieved without the support of everyone. Let me again convey my heartfelt thanks to all CFA members for your extraordinary efforts.
Kerry Murphy PSM, AFSM
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