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Review of community response in bushfires, Kronos rostering system, eMap award

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 27 September, 2013

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Review of the Community Response in Recent Bushfires
In February 2013, the Fire Services Commissioner initiated a review of the community response to the bushfire threat in areas affected by the season's most significant fires - Chepstowe, Aberfeldy and Donnybrook Rd. CFA was a collaborator and part of the advisory group. The three key findings were:

  • While each fire was unique, typical ‘patterns' in the way people understood, and responded, to the fire threat emerged. (These archetypes helped to explain the range of experiences of people in responding to the threat of fire, and provide a new lens through which to better understand the effectiveness of the bushfire safety activities.)
  • Agency strategies for helping communities respond to the bushfire threat were only partially effective (i.e. they were, at times, under-utilised, inappropriate or not in place).
  • The experience of these three fires suggests an opportunity for fire planning, warning and bushfire safety options that are more attuned to local community needs.

Recognition of the diversity of community response and the uniqueness of communities suggests the programs and activities need to be tailored to address specific needs and be responsive to local issues and concerns. This is most likely to be achieved through a process of collaborative action by agencies and local communities where action plans identify issues, current capacity, resources and gaps and agree on a range of agency/community actions at the local level.

Kronos Rostering System
CFA is introducing a new online rostering system that will result in reduced paperwork, more efficient payment processing and make it easier for senior station staff to manage their stations. Staff will be able to access electronic payslips, leave balances and entitlements through the simplified rostering application. This system will replace the need for Variation Voucher (VV) forms. The application will link with the existing PayGlobal, RMS and TRAIN systems to automatically calculate shift entitlements and ensure they are paid to staff within four weeks of being accrued. It will be easier to incorporate skills and competency levels, staff availability, and overtime when rostering, as well identification of staff for surge capacity. Kronos was chosen as it best suits CFA's rostering needs and the management of shift variations. It's used by hospitals and health care organisations which have a large, skilled and flexible workforce managed by defined shift patterns, similar to CFA. User testing is taking place with the Dandenong and Geelong City fire stations. This will be followed by a further testing phase with Officers in Charge and Station Officers across the state. The system is planned to be piloted in District 7 & 8 through October and November and rolled out to integrated stations in early 2014 following successful user testing, briefings, demonstrations and training. In the longer term the system will assist with resourcing strike teams and incident control teams with volunteer and career firefighters. District 13 will pilot the system with resourcing strike teams. Further updates will be provided as the roll-out progresses.

eMap wins Victorian Spatial Excellence Award
The Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards (VSEA) celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and showcase the finest projects that the Victorian Spatial Industry has to offer. eMap, the new operational mapping solution for bushfire and in the future other hazards in Victoria, has received the Victorian Spatial Excellence Award in the category 'People and Community'. eMap is a joint CFA and DEPI initiative. Congratulations to Alen, Tom, Teena, Harry, Nigel, Mick, Ken and Mark along with DEPI, SAU, MFB and SES project members. Fantastic effort - well done to all!

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