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Brigade Operational Skills Profile report release

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  9.31 AM 29 January, 2015

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The revised Brigade Operational Skills Profile (BOSP) report was recently released.

Brigade Training Officers and nominated Brigade Management Team members who have access to WebTRAIN reports can currently view BOSP online: training>WebTRAIN>Reports  

Group Reports are also available to nominated members.

Information and awareness building sessions are planned later this year for Regional Leadership and Training Teams. BOSP will be among several initiatives which will be covered in these sessions. By mid-year, BOSP user-workshops will be rolling out to ensure stakeholders are skilled in managing and supporting BOSP data. It is important to understand the BOSP benefits and how to access useful BOSP information.

A comprehensive ‘BOSP User Guide’ can also be downloaded from Brigades Online. The reports are only available to nominated members involved in brigade training.

The revised BOSP report will provide greater information about the gap between a brigade’s required skills profile and an actual brigade skills profile, so training priorities can be adjusted to meet each brigade’s requirements. One  of  the brigade reports links turn out information to member skill sets. This will greatly assist brigades in planning and setting training priorities. The new set of reports allows for group, district and region reports to be run to identify any gaps.

OT&V training Initiatives which are being rolled out include the improved Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, the Operational Training Guide, a revised ‘Who can Train and Assess’ poster with DVD and F&EM Roles and Pathways Map.

These initiatives address recommendations from the Jones Report of Inquiry into the Effect of Arrangements made by CFA on its Volunteers.

Last Updated: 29 January 2015