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Riddells Creek Life Member Awards

  • Brigade Life Membership Medal
  • Brigade Life Member: Rod Sinclair
  • Brigade Life Member: Marcus Bootle
  • Brigade Life Member: Don Clark
  • Brigade Life Member: Jeff Sparks

By: Dean Anderson

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  6.43 PM 3 July, 2014

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Four life membership recipients have been honoured at Riddells Creek after sharing a combined 149 years of service!

Some of CFA’s longer serving volunteers were awarded the Brigade Life Membership medal at the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade annual dinner last week. The newly-developed award recognises exceptional service to the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade for a sustained period of at least 30 years.

"We are all extremely grateful to have a large number of members who have devoted such a significant amount of service to the brigade" said Riddells Creek Fire Brigade Captain Dave Thompson. "The newly developed Brigade Life Membership award is just a small way we can honour these members for the service they've devoted to their community."

All of the four recipients are still significant contributors today and continue to serve the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade, the Mount Macedon Fire Brigades Group and/or VFBV.   

Captain Dave Thompson and District 2 Operations Officer Darren Eenjes had the privilege of presenting the awards to the following deserving recipients:

Rodney Sinclair - 49 years service

Rod joined CFA in 1965 and between 1977 to 1983 Rod was one of the brigade’s Lieutenants before serving as Captain until 1994. Rod held the position of Deputy Group Officer to the Mount Macedon Fire Brigades Group for 10 years and has  devoted a significant number of years towards the former VRFBA and to VFBV. To this day Rod is still a significant contributor to VFBV and for his devotion to the volunteer associations he has previously been awarded the VFBV Gold Star. Rod was also awarded the National Medal during 2001.

Marcus Bootle - 37 years service

Marcus joined the brigade in 1977 and after serving 10 years as a Lieutenant, Marcus held the role of
Captain for 6 years from 1994 to 2000. Since 2000 Marcus has served as one of the Deputy Group Officers to the Mount Macedon Fire Brigades Group and today occupies the position of 1st DGO. During 2001 Marcus was awarded the National Medal. Marcus has also devoted a number of years towards the former VRFBA and has also been awarded the VFBV Gold Star for his commitment.

Jeffrey Sparks – 32 years service 

Jeff joined the Riddells Creek Fire Brigade during 1982 and by 1988 was elected to the role of Apparatus Officer which he held for 6 years. During the past 32, Jeff has made a significant contribution to the general upkeep of the station buildings and grounds, including leading major projects, notably the construction of a large garage facility for the brigade in 2006.   

Don Clark – 31 years service

Don joined the brigade in 1983, not long after the area had been heavily impacted by recent bushfires. Soon after, Don served as one of the brigade Lieutenants for 5 years before becoming the Secretary in 1990. Don held the Secretary position for 16 years until 2006. Today Don manages the brigade’s FEM portfolio and is also a member of the District 14 Headquarters Brigade.


Last Updated: 15 July 2014