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ROADwhyz comes back to East Gippsland

  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012
  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012
  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012
  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012
  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012
  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012
  • ROADwhyz @ Lakes 2012

ROADwhyz, Choice & Consequence, a road safety awareness evening aimed at young people just starting to drive, is returning to East Gippsland on 28 August.

New and learner drivers are over represented in the road accident statistics. This informative but hard hitting and confronting session aims to help these young drivers 'get through the red'.

The evening is being organised by Lakes Entrance Brigade and hosted by Lakes Entrance Secondary College. Other emergency service organisations will also take part.

Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to attend with their young drivers.

The evening starts at 6pm, with a free BBQ starting at 5pm.

Those who attend will gain a realistic understanding of the need for responsible driving, the choices thay face on the road and the consequences of the decisions they make.

Drivers are in control of a piece of machinery that can kill or seriously injure someone. The program brings this home forcefully with a realistic and, at times, hard hitting approach.

It explores what is involved by the various emergency services when they are confronted with a serious accident as well as the far-reaching and long lasting consequences for emergency workers, families and friends.

Many of those attending may know of friends or families who have suffered and will be able to identify with some of the stories that will be shared during the evening. A local parent will share her own story of what it means to lose a family member as a result of an accident.

Some of the content will cover:

  • Speeding and stopping, the simple physics of motion
  • Choice and consequence
  • Focused or fractured?
  • Welcome to the ER. What happens on the other side of the hospital doors.
  • Crash site 101: a real rescue scenario
  • It can happen to anyone, some real life stories.

If the program helps save the life of just one young driver then it will have been worthwhile.

Please encourage your young family members and their friends to come along. It might save their life.

For more details, call Phil Loukes at Lakes Entrance Brigade on 0429 139 539.

To register (will help with catering and take away material) call 5155 2982 (during school hours please)

Last Updated: 14 August 2015