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Rosebud woman rescued from burning home

By: CFA Media

Category: Incidents - Structure

  9.09 AM 10 August, 2016

Location: District 8 News

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CFA firefighters battled through thick smoke to rescue a woman in her 40's from a Rosebud home on Coleman Crescent, around 6am Wednesday.

Crews had to break through the laundry door to get inside the home because the front door was deadlocked without a key. Household items covering walkways were also a challenge for firefighters, both in rescuing the woman and putting out the blaze.

Smoke filled the home, which significantly reduced visibility for crews.

District 8 Operations Officer Sean Kerr said the fire appeared to have started in the master bedroom.

“Firefighters found the woman unconscious in the bedroom and had to carry her outside through part of the home that was on fire,” Mr Kerr said.

“It’s a reminder to always leave a key in your deadlocked door and keep walkways clear, just in case an emergency situation like this happens.”

The fire was extinguished in an hour, with 13 firefighters from Rosebud, Bayswater and Rye. Ambulance and police were also in attendance.

The woman has been airlifted to hospital.   

Last Updated: 23 March 2017