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Rotary supports Hurstbridge Brigade


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  5.05 PM 20 June, 2014

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The Rotary Club of Diamond Creek Branch supported the Hurstbridge Fire Brigade in the purchase of a new Brigade car with a $5,000 grant.

The cheque was presented by  Steve Crosling (Past President), Pat Millar (Past Assistant Governor) Warwick Leeson, Eileen Gatt (President Elect) and John Gatt (Past District Governor) from the Rotary Club  of  Diamond Creek and was received by Captain Darren King. As the Rotary Club has members from townships surrounding Diamond Creek they wished to support organisations in surrounding towns as well as the town of Diamond Creek. 

Captain Darren King explained that the Hurstbridge Fire Brigade had a Landcruiser Prado and as with many modern cars it has a push button start which can be a hazard if the driver needs to do a “stall start” procedure if the car cannot climb the hill. It involves stopping the car, placing it in gear with the hand brake off and starting the car and driving up the hill in a lower gear. With push button starts the clutch needs to be depressed before the engine can be started which then puts the car and its crew in a very dangerous position as we have no control over the vehicle.  

Based on this and better off road capabilities the Brigade chose to purchase a Landcruiser 70 which has a key ignition. In order to purchase a vehicle for the Brigade the Fire Brigade relies on community support from fundraising activities and community grants or donations.

Captain King expressed his sincere thanks or the support of Rotary as without their help we would not be able to purchase and fit-out the vehicle properly.

The Brigade uses the Landcruiser for activities such as transport to and from training courses, a command post from which the firefight can be managed, as a forward operating vehicle for tanker strike teams within Victoria, to transport the Big Fill trailer pump to fires to provide water from dams to firefighting vehicles. Over the summer the Landcruiser was involved in the Gisborne, Kilmore and Kangaroo Ground Fires.

Last Updated: 20 June 2014