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Rowville fire: you couldn’t print this

  • Rowville Fire Brigade

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  2.49 PM 24 September, 2014

Location: General

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Rowville brigade was flat out last night (23 September) attending several incidents including a fire at a local print factory in which a man was injured.

The fire, classed as a ‘flashover’ (short, sudden ignition causing an explosion) occurred in a storage area containing solvents.

Around 15 career and volunteer firefighters responded to the fire, which occurred during the brigade’s weekly training. In a busy night for Rowville, this was one of six call-outs between 6pm and 11pm.

Breathing apparatus was used for the initial response at the print factory, and crews were successful in containing the fire to the room of origin. This was helped, in part, by the fact that the company had followed correct safety procedures for storing the flammable liquids.

Firefighters helped tend to the injured man, an employee at the business, until Ambulance Victoria crews arrived. The man was taken to hospital for further treatment to the burns on his hands and face.

Rowville is one of CFA’s 34 integrated fire brigades, where 40 volunteer members are supported by 15 staff (career) firefighters.

Other incidents attended by Rowville members last night included a car accident, a minor car fire and a structure fire at Dandenong (assisting Dandenong brigade).

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Last Updated: 24 September 2014