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Royal Commission July video update

By: Greg Esnouf

  11.00 AM 27 July, 2010

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The final report of the 2009 Bushfires Royal Commission will be handed to the Governor this Saturday, 31 July. It should be made public by noon.

The video blog (below) contains information on the process that will take place this Saturday and the ways CFA members can access the report, plus also the support arrangements that are in place.

Greg Esnouf
Coordinator Fires Task Force

Watch video in full below.


CFA members can also discuss the Royal Commission report by logging in to CFA Connect and clicking the following link -


"Hello, I’m Greg Esnouf the Coordinator of the CFA 2009 Fires Taskforce.

I’d just like to give you an update on the arrangements that are going to come up for the release of the final report of the Bushfires Royal Commission.

The Commissioners will present their final report to the Governor of Victoria on Saturday, 31July, probably some time early in the morning.

It is then planned that the Premier will pick the report up from the Governor and table it in Parliament.  He has indicated that he will then make the report publically available immediately on the Saturday.

Initially the report will be placed on the Royal Commission’s website which is and the Government are also planning to put it on their information website as soon as possible.  So people should be able to pick up the report from both of those websites sometime on the Saturday afternoon.

The report is very large and so only a small number of copies will be printed and available on the Saturday and these will be distributed to key people in fire-affected areas and to key people in CFA Regional and District areas.  So there won’t be a large number of copies of the report available in printed form on the Saturday.

CFA has put in place quite detailed welfare arrangements and information arrangements so people can become aware of the contents of the report and any details about how they may or may not be named in that report as soon as possible.

As soon as we get a hold of the report we will screen it to see if CFA people are named and there is a process in place for those people to be contacted.  Anyone who has been referred to as a witness or in evidence in the Royal Commission should already have received a letter outlining this process and things that they can do if they wish to seek welfare support or advice after they have been advised of the report.

If you have any queries about welfare support during the weekend, please contact your regional welfare coordinator, or you can contact the CFA after hours number on 1800 628 616.

CFA also offers support for people if they’re contacted by the media, so just ring through to your regional office if you need support if you are contacted by the media and you don’t wish to talk to the media or wish some help with that process.

CFA will be conducting an analysis process immediately it receives the report, as will the whole of government.

The Premier has indicated that he will be doing 2-3 weeks of community consultation prior to responding in full to the report some time later in August.  CFA will participate actively in that process of inputting into the Government response.

CFA will also be undertaking a number of regional briefings early in August, where people can be briefed on the contents of the final report and input into that consultation process.

The details of those regional briefings haven’t been finalised and they will be communicated through your Regional Managers.

We will keep you updated with any new information on CFA Connect as we get more information about when the reports are going to be printed and released etc.  So please keep tuned to CFA Connect.

Thank you for your time."

Last Updated: 10 December 2015