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Recognition of prior learning info kits online

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  2.34 PM 28 January, 2015

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A series of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) member information kits are available on Brigades Online.

An improved RPL process provides members with greater assistance in the recognition of their existing skills.

The member information kits posted on line are:

  • v  ‘Participate in community safety activities’ (PUAFIR208B)
  • v  ‘Navigate to an incident’ (PUAOPE014)
  • v  ‘Lead a crew’ (PUAOPE020A)
  • v ' Assist with prescribed burning’ (PUAFIR213)

Other RPL kits are being posted online this month:

  • v  ‘Control a Level 1 incident’ (PUAOPE012A)
  • v  ‘Control urban incidents’ (CFA432)
  • v  ‘Respond to urban incidents’ (PUAFIR203B)
  • v  ‘Suppress urban fire’ (PUAFIR302B)
Last Updated: 29 January 2015