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Running of the Woolly Cup

  • Running of the Glenaroua Woolly Cup
  • Running of the Glenaroua Woolly Cup
  • Glenaroua Brigade presentations
  • Glenaroua Brigade presentations

By: Tammy Garrett

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  12.11 PM 11 February, 2016

Location: District 12 News, General

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On Saturday 23 January 2016, Glenaroua Fire Brigade held its much-anticipated annual social event ‘The Woolly Cup’.

Glenaroua, a small town located to the west of Seymour, has held this fantastic community event for the past 9 years, and this year it saw a crowd of nearly 300 people come together to celebrate community spirit and raise much needed funds for the local brigade.

Fame and interest of the Woolly Cup is now spreading far and wide; attracting not only locals but also significant number of ‘extended locals’ who are connected to the area in some way and join the festivities of this family focused event.

In the lead up to the final race of the day, there are a four heats (qualification races) which sees four ‘sponsored’ sheep race to secure a place in the ‘Woolly Cup’. The sponsors are lucky cup attendees who can identify their sheep by the clipped on knitted toy jockeys, who are wearing stable colours. At the start of each race, there is excitement amongst the crowd as they await for the release of the gates and cheer on the sheep as they run along the track ……… sometimes they even run in the right direction!

The winner of each heat is highly celebrated and the ‘sponsor’ also celebrates their entrance into the final race with many interesting celebratory methods, including dancing or the enjoyment of a cold beverage. After the four heats, the winners (suitably rested) are pitted against each other in the final race which holds more in the way of prestige than winning the Melbourne Cup – well it does in Glenaroua anyway!

Congratulations to this year’s deserving winner: Reed Broadbent from Mordialloc who, due to his tender years, was allowed to keep his sheep’s purple toy jockey as well as the winner’s trophy.

The event this year, also afforded the opportunity for the District 12 Operations Manager, Rob Van Dorsser to present service awards to local brigade members.

A fantastic day was had by all and the brigade would like to thank the local community as well as ‘extended locals’ from further afield for turning out in such fantastic numbers to support a small brigade with big spirits.

PS No sheep were harmed in the production of this social event and a vet was on hand to oversee all proceedings.

Photos: Ben Anderson

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