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Sad end to intense house fire

By: Steve Forrest

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  1.03 PM 14 July, 2016

Location: District 9 News

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Man burned and beloved pet dies in house fire in Inverloch on Monday 12 July 2016.



30 Firefighters from Inverloch, Wonthaggi and Pound Creek brigades responded in 6 vehicles to a house fire just before dinner time on 12 July 2016.

Captain WILLIAMSON from Inverloch was on the first appliance on scene. From the roundabout in town he could see the flames from the farm house out of town leaping into the sky and across the road. The flames were fanned by strong winds from an intense storm system bringing the coldest period of weather to south east Victoria for the season. Capt WILLIAMSON immediately called for further resources to assist with water for the fire fight and commenced an aggressive external attack.

The structure was severely damaged on arrival of the first appliance and only part of the building could be accessed making the overhaul at the seat of the fire complex. Crews worked for several hours in the strong winds and were presented with hazards including the overhead power-line sparking and detaching from the roof during the fire fight. This was captured on video from a stationary camera  and is available for viewing on the Inverloch brigades Facebook page.

The fire is believed to be caused by a log rolling out of an unattended wood fire. It is believed that the male occupant of the house left the door open to the wood fire to allow air flow while staring the fire for the cold night ahead. He left the room to attend to other jobs in the house and returned to find the fire spreading in the lounge room. He attempted to put the fire out using what was available to him and suffered burns in the process. He left the house calling for emergency services and alerting his neighbours.  He returned to the house in an attempt to find his pet dog and was pushed out by the intensity of the fire.

Unfortunately fire-fighters found the dog who appeared to have succumbed to smoke inhalation and died in the house. The male was treated at hospital for burns and returned that night to hear of the devestating news.

It is a timely reminder to remain vigilant with heating over winter particularly wood fires. It is also advisable not to re-enter a burning building for any circumstances and to wait for appropriately trained and equipped emergency services.

Photos are available on the Facebook page also:

Last Updated: 21 July 2016