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Scaredy cat saved by CFA

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  12.28 PM 17 July, 2013

Location: District 7 News

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Story by Joanne Polley, BASO D7

Another day in the life as a CFA Volunteer saw members from the Portarlington Fire Brigade undertake a dramatic roof top rescue.

Around midday on Tuesday (July 15) a frantic call was made directly to the Portarlington Fire Station by a local family concerned about the welfare of their pet cat, which had been discovered on the roof of a neighbour’s two storey house after being missing since the previous day. 

Following the call, Captain Darren Nisbet mobilised brigade members and before long the brigade was en route. 

On scene members were greeted by the cat’s anxious owner - two-year-old Hilary who was able to quickly lead firefighters to the cat where it unable to descend from the roof top.

With Hilary and family on scene, the brigade was able to gain access via ladders and coax the cat with some food and remove it from the roof. 

Soon the incident was under control with both the cat and firefighters uninjured during the rescue operation and the patient safely returned to the arms of grateful Hilary.

Last Updated: 17 July 2013