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Scoresby hoselayer a first

  • Scoresby Hoselayer Replacement Project
  • Scoresby Hoselayer Replacement Project
  • Scoresby Hoselayer Replacement Project
  • Scoresby Hoselayer Replacement Project

By: Sonia Maclean

Category: Vehicles / Equipment / Buildings

  4.20 PM 10 October, 2013

Location: District 13 News

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Scoresby brigade’s new hoselayer will be the first appliance in CFA to use a large 100mm diameter hose.

With both urban and rural applications, the truck is designed to lay two 1km lays, giving it the capability to connect more remote water sources to fire scenes.

A key feature of the hose layer is an automated hose retrieval system from Hytrans in the Netherlands, a system not used before by any fire services truck in Australia.

The benefits of the system are significant: the capability to move 5,000 litres per minute with a reduction in friction loss and fewer pumps required.

Jim Read, Chair of the Scoresby Hose Layer Replacement Project, described the project as "setting the scene for the future".

“By incorporating the automated retrieval system, the hose layer will quickly pick up hose from the fireground and restow it in the hosebeds ready for the next call,” he said. 

“This reduces work time for volunteers, freeing them up to return to employment or back to their families.”

“Large diameter hose of 100mm is utilised across Europe, North America and Asia.  We are bringing it to Australia.”

The Scoresby Hose Layer Replacement Project is a two and a half year project running from March 2011 to November  2013.

It was one of 50 projects featured at the CFA Project Expo on Monday 14 October.

Also on display was be the Attack Pack Hose Coil, a new hose deployment system currently undergoing an operational trial at Dandenong fire station, four Specialist Response Vehicles, the new 1.2.4D Light Tanker.

A variety of community engagement, equipment, technology, and volunteer support initiatives will also be showcased at the event, which aims to highlight innovation.

See videos of the hoselayer and hose coil in action here.

Last Updated: 18 October 2013