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Scoresby hosts special event

  • Team Leader Nagorcka lends a hand
  • What a day!!!
  • A fire truck dad!
  • Even members bought a bear
  • Some good fun
  • Capt. K
  • More fun
  • Sausages, mmmm
  • The icings good
  • Nicole & George the turtle

By: Wendy Cormack

Category: Events / Fundraising / Offers, People

  5.22 PM 7 December, 2013

Location: District 13 News

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Fire recently destroyed the Knox Childcare and Kindergarten resulting in the children missing out on their Teddy Bears Picnic.

In fact, the children didn’t miss out because Scoresby Fire Brigade opened the doors to their station today, to host this very important event for the children and staff.

More 80 children and their parents were reunited with the staff of the centre, with many hugs and kisses given and received. Then it was time to ice teddy bear biscuits and sprinkle with hundreds and thousands.

Bears and other favourite toys of every colour, shape and size were being hugged by their little owners. One rather large bear; in particular, was seen testing the seats for comfort in the Scoresby Tanker and a local police vehicle.

While the sausages were sizzling, Captain Koala made a surprise visit to the station to shake hands with mums and dads and receive cuddles from the children.

Another VIP who came to the picnic today was George the turtle, who was found in the charred remains by Scoresby firefighter Ben Black. Today George is still carrying a few minor wounds from his ordeal, but was very pleased to back with all his playmates.

Kindergarten director Nicole Cronin said, “George is very attached to the children and vice versa. He often plays a big part in getting the children to come to kinder some days."

Special thanks to the members of Scoresby Fire Brigade who helped make this day possible. From all the families and staff, we say a huge thank you.

Last Updated: 09 December 2013