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Scout visit interrupted by fire

By: Peter Tripp

Category: Incidents - Structure, Youth & Juniors

  3.04 PM 16 August, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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A visit by the local Edithvale First Scouts Group was interrupted when brigade members, preparing for the visit, had to respond to a fire in a two-storey beachfront property.

Upon arrival at the Aspendale property, it was found that the electrical switchboard had ignited with fire spreading up the timber wall. The property owner told the firefighters that the weatherboard building also contained an artist studio and library of valuable reference material. 

Crews needed to access the property from the beachfront and conducted an internal and external attack on the fire with the aid of breathing apparatus. With the assistance of a thermal imaging camera, crews were able to locate the spread of the fire within the wall cavity and after shifting valuable reference books and dismantling the bookcase behind the switchboard were able to contain the spread of the fire to the immediate area without the loss of any valuable books or artwork.

Incident Controller, 1st Lieutenant Adam Barnett, said crews did a fantastic job saving the valuable memories the contents of this property held for the owner, and praised the restraint and discipline of the crews that worked diligently and quickly to prevent the fire spreading to the second storey, while removing the owner’s priceless and sentimental works.   

Epitomising the community spirit of the brigade, additional volunteers responding direct to the station after the trucks had left for the call, working hard to entertain the scout group. This was made decidedly more difficult with the absence of the trucks, but fun was had all round as members showed them throug the station, and the kids got to see first hand crews responding to an incident.

Appliances attending the call were Edithvale pumper, tanker and salvage with support from Patterson River pumper.

Last Updated: 19 August 2013