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SE brigades prepped for property advice visits

  • Bruce Jewell runs memebrs through the Property Advice Visit Service

More than 130 volunteers from 30 brigades across CFA's South East Region are now ready to deliver fire safety advice to communities under the Property Advice Visit Service.

Bruce Jewell from the South East Community Safety team, who has been involved in the program over the past eight months, said the involvement and feedback from volunteers, especially those in high bushfire-risk areas, had been fantastic.

He said 12 information sessions had been held across the region to make sure brigades had a thorough understanding of the program and the resources that came with it.

“Brigades are looking for ways to integrate PAVS into their own prevention activities - they see the benefits," he said.

“They are supplied with all the materials along with a 1-2 hour awareness session, which equips them with everything they need to go out and engage with people in high risk areas.”

Robert Moolenaar from Metung Fire Brigade described PAVS as a wonderful program.

"It allows our dedicated volunteers to engage with our community, who live within our high fire risk area,” he said.

Graham Bolton from Callignee in Gippsland also said the materials and handouts were great and added “It’s a good conversation starter if needed,”

What is PAVS?

PAVS is a program that is designed to support brigades to visit community members at home. Brigades can choose which properties they visit, based on their local knowledge as well as CFA risk mapping data.

For community members, PAVS covers topics such as:

  •          Leaving Early
  •          Your guide to survival
  •          Property assessment and preparation
  •          Fire Danger Ratings
  •          How do I keep my family and home safe from fire?
  •          When should I leave?
  •          How do I prepare my home and property?
  •          Who needs to know my plans?
  •          Will anyone come and help me?
  •          Am I ready to go? What should I take with me?
  •          Talking to property owners one on one about fire safety

PAVS also helps brigades to increase their knowledge of the community - particularly with regards to water supplies and property access. It's also a chance for members of the public to become more familiar with the brigade and what it does, and many brigades use the program as an opportunity to recruit new members

Would you like to know more?

To find out more about this program or to book a session, talk to your Brigade Administration Support Officer (BASO) or contact the Community Safety Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last Updated: 11 November 2015