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Search and rescue exercise

By: Craig McGarry

Category: Training & Recruitment

  1.23 PM 18 November, 2013

Location: District 7 News

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Corio Fire Brigade takes pride in the fact that it engages with its staff, volunteers and the community.

With this in mind, members of D shift and in particular Qualified Firefighter Sam Wiffen organised a large-scale Breathing Apparatus search and rescue exercise on Sunday 10November.

The exercise was carried out beneath the massive silos of the local Grain Corp facility. With the permission of the Corp to use their premises, Sam set about organising a large-scale exercise involving 38 personnel including 30 volunteers from the Geelong Group with brigades from as far afield as Lara through to Leopold.

The search and rescue was conducted in very dark conditions in what is colloquially called 'The Dungeon'. This is an area under the silos where space and visibility is at a premium. With Sam and SSO Ross Crompton co-ordinating, it was left up to VFF Brian Stephens, Anthony Kacunic, Glenn Fenton, James Mullins and Brian Stevens to rotate as the incident controllers.

As per protocol, they appointed the usual Search and Rescue rolls including BA Control, safety officers and operations. With the added difficulty of poor radio communications, the exercise was carried out in a professional manner with all the casualties (eight) being found. The BA wearers each went through two cylinders with a total of 44 cylinders used for the exercise.

Lunch was supplied back at the Corio Fire Station with very positive feedback both given and received by all participants in the exercise.

Last Updated: 19 November 2013