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Sebastopol LPG flare-off unit back on the road

  • Photo: Ben Carey

While attending a callout to assist the Linton Fire Brigade in the early hours of an April morning, the Sebastopol Fire Brigade's Hilux ute was involved in a traffic accident and severely damaged, along with some of the flare-off equipment.

(Written by Bill Cook)

There were four crew members involved, and they continue to progress their recovery.

The Hilux ute was assessed as a write-off, which left the Brigade unable to respond to LPG incidents in its response area. This is approximate to up to a 100 km radius of Ballarat, with the next closest units being Gisborne, Grovedale and Warrnambool.

After working with the District 15 Operations Manager and staff, CFA's Insurance Section and a range of private suppliers; and with financial assistance from the Bendigo Bank, Captain Joe Jansen was recently pleased to announce that the new LPG vehicle has been made operational again. This includes the new replacement LPG flare-off which burns the liquid, rather than the gas vapour in the older model burner. 

Brigade members endorsed in LPG response have received training and accreditation in the operation of the new burner. The advances in the new flare-off unit allows for more efficient operation, including being able to safely burn off the liquid in a more effective manner.  This is especially useful with cylinders that previously took longer to flare-off due to having low pressure.  This unit is the first of its type used within CFA, and is being evaluated for suitability with other LPG responding brigades.

It is pleasing to see that something positive has come from what was a dark day in the Brigade's history.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017