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Select Committee Report

By: CFA Media

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  2.34 PM 18 August, 2017

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CFA welcomes the release of the Select Committee’s report into the State Government’s proposed fire services reforms. 

As part of this process, the Select Committee held public hearings across Victoria and heard from a wide range of people in and around Victoria’s fire services, including Chief Officer Steve Warrington.

The Committee also received close to two thousand written submissions, including hundreds from people involved in CFA.

One thing has been made clear through this process – it is the dedication, passion and hard work of volunteer and career firefighters that continue keep the Victorian public safe.

This process has shown that there is a need and a broad desire to improve fire services in Victoria as there has not been a substantial update of the system and legislation since it was first devised in the 1950s.

CFA will continue to provide advice and expertise to Government to inform decision-making, and will await the government’s response to the Select Committee’s report.

Last Updated: 18 August 2017