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Senior leadership changes

By: Frances Diver

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  1.17 PM 10 October, 2016

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As you will be aware on 29 September I proposed changes to the CFA executive reporting arrangements.

The changes were designed to ensure we have a solid leadership foundation with a clear structure for roles and responsibilities to support the delivery of key priorities and enhance our focus on frontline service needs.  

Over the past two weeks we have been considering your feedback and consulting with staff and key stakeholders.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Some people have questioned the title for the DCO Training role and after some internal debate we have settled on Training rather than Operational Training. The location of Fire and Equipment Maintenance was also raised and we have decided at this stage to retain the function within Financial Services.

I am now able to confirm the new executive structure and announce some new appointments following the Expression of Interest process. There are likely to be some further adjustments as teams work through the impact of the Executive level changes.

Below is a list of further changes as a result on the consultation undertaken over the past two weeks. Click here to see the organisation chart that outlines the entire structure.

Volunteers and Strategy

The Volunteerism team will transition to Volunteers and Strategy to ensure learning and volunteerism activities continue uninterrupted as we finalise the next level of the structure.

The Geospatial Information Services (GIS) team will transition to Volunteers & Strategy reporting to the newly created position of Business Intelligence Manager.  Incorporating GIS with the Business Intelligence team will provide increased capability to interpret, visualise and report data in meaningful ways. The integration of these two teams will enable all business areas to receive comprehensive data and analysis for informed decision making.

Fire and Emergency Management(F&EM)

The Frontline Learning and Development as well as the Training Infrastructure Services teams will transition into Fire & Emergency Management reporting to the new Deputy Chief Officer (DCO) Training role.  I am pleased to advise that Gregg Paterson has been appointed acting Deputy Chief Officer Training

The new Consultation Unit which will provide a new framework for consultation across the organisation will become part of the Workforce Planning portfolio under DCO Garry Cook.

The next level of the F&EM structure is currently in the consultation phase and will continue to evolve as each of the teams discuss the structure and provide greater clarity on roles and responsibilities.

Infrastructure Services 

The Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) will transition to Infrastructure Services reporting to Anthony Ramsay.  Aligning EPMO with Infrastructure Services will continue to build project delivery capability across CFA.

People & Culture

People and Culture will shape and pilot a new co-designed Human Resource Operational model within each region from November. This will provide P&C consulting, advice and support locally.  This pilot will enable the organisation to shape the right P&C resourcing at the right locations and work more broadly with other services from a proactive and case management perspective.

 Other Changes

After four years at CFA, Phil Harbutt has accepted a new opportunity with a consulting firm and will be leaving us on 28 October.  I’d like to recognise the achievements of Phil in his role as Acting Executive Director Business Performance and Strategy including leading a review of CFA’s challenges and opportunities over the next 10 years which will now inform the work of the Performance and Policy Consultative Committee.

 Rohan Luke has agreed to cover the acting Assistant Chief Officer South West Region replacing Bob Barry while he is on leave.

Further Consultation

Whilst the high-level executive structure is now confirmed CFA is committed to undertaking further consultation over the next two weeks on the impacts on teams of this structure. Recruitment by way of expression of interest will take place for all positions marked vacant in the structure.

I encourage you to provide feedback via your Manager, Executive Director or ACO/DCO.

I recognise that change may cause distress and encourage you to talk with your manager or access the CFA Member Assistance Program (MAP) on 1300 795 711.

Last Updated: 12 October 2016