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September Board and ELT update

By: Michael Wootten

  3.01 PM 1 October, 2015

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As part of my commitment to keeping you updated about CFA’s decision-making process, here’s the latest recap of items being discussed at the Board and executive level.

The September Board meeting welcomed new appointee Samantha Hunter. The CEO of Crime Stoppers Victoria, Director of Crime Stoppers Australia and a representative on Victoria Police’s Bushfire and Arson Strategic Action Group, Samantha brings a wealth of corporate and community sector knowledge to the role. As CFA strives to build capacity and embrace new challenges, Samantha’s experience in management, stakeholder relations and building community resilience will be of great value.

This month the Board discussed the Parliamentary Inquiry into Fiskville and CFA’s submission to it.

Our submission to the Fire Services Review was another topic. The Board heard senior CFA executives had scheduled meetings with Review author David O’Byrne.

Board members received an update on the progress of the Hazelwood mine fire inquiry, as well as on the health support CFA members involved in the incident are receiving.

The Board was also briefed on Operational EBA negotiations, progress in the program to replace CFA’s breathing apparatus, distribution of uniforms to volunteers, the potential for eventually integrating further brigades, and future funding for the rollout of the Emergency Medical Response (EMR) program.

Our financial records were another key area of discussion. The Victorian Auditor-General’s Office has checked and cleared our finances, allowing the Board to approve the CFA Annual Report 2014-2015. Meanwhile a new policy surrounding the use of CFA purchasing cards has also been approved.

The new Strategic Plan has also received the go ahead. Set to guide CFA training into 2018, this replaces the current Training Strategy.

The Executive Leadership Team was also kept busy. Over September it reviewed the work undertaken at district, regional and headquarters level to finalise restructuring.  It also heard about progress on a new uniform policy and the decommissioning of the former Fiskville Training College.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015