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Serious road crash in Diamond Creek

By: Fiona Macken

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  11.38 AM 29 August, 2013

Location: District 14 News

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Shortly after 5am on Friday 23 August, Diamond Creek, Eltham and Plenty brigades were paged to a road accident with trapped drivers.

A light truck travelling east on Diamond Creek Road had collided with a utility travelling west, resulting in a head-on collision which left both drivers trapped and injured. Paramedics and MICAs were on scene within minutes and worked to stabilise and administer pain relief to both drivers.

Plenty Road Accident Rescue assessed the scene and quickly began work on the crushed vehicles. The utility driver was freed after around 35 minutes and was taken by ambulance to hospital.

With the utility driver safely removed and the utility winched away from the truck, crews had better access to the trapped truck driver and could complete his extrication. Approximately 90 minutes after the impact, the truck driver was freed and was also taken by ambulance to hospital.

In the on-scene debrief held after the incident, Captain Adrian Marshman from Plenty brigade congratulated all those at the scene on working together in a step-by-step and cooperative manner. In addition, Incident Controller Lieutenant Peter Clarkson from Diamond Creek brigade stressed the importance of knowing and using the skills of those in a crew – noting the fact that the Diamond Creek pumper crew included both an Ambulance Victoria paramedic and a mechanic, both of whom used their respective skills to great effect at the incident.

Last Updated: 29 August 2013