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Service delivery models, an inclusive and diverse CFA, F&EM restructure

By: Euan Ferguson

  12.04 PM 5 May, 2015

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CFA fire service delivery models

It is timely to reinforce that in CFA we have two models for delivering fire and emergency services to the community. The first is a fully volunteer brigade model where volunteers deliver services supported by district staff (principally BASOs - brigade administrative support officers, community education staff and operations officers). The other model used by CFA is the integrated brigade model where volunteers are integrated with operational staff who are allocated to a brigade to assist with workload (including fire and emergency service delivery). The integrated model is unique to CFA. Volunteers and career staff work together in an integrated brigade and rank structure. It is a model that has proven to be very effective not just for everyday service delivery, but also in creating a surge capacity for strike team response to major incidents, community safety and education activities. 

I am aware that in a number of locations, CFA brigades are facilitating discussions with regard to maintaining and sustaining volunteerism and improving the support to volunteers in integrated brigades. It is timely to note that any change in the service delivery models used by CFA would first need the approval of the CFA Board. The integrated model works well. From time to time it is appropriate that brigade members discuss openly how their particular brigade is performing and if volunteers need any further support. These discussions need to be within the context of our current volunteer and integrated models.

An Inclusive and diverse CFA

Eva So wrote to me about a recent Women in Emergency Services Leadership Summit, where CFA was well represented. Case studies were presented about individual and organisation initiatives that helped women progress into leadership positions in the industry. The final day focused on techniques and strategies to develop effective leadership skills and maximise career potential. The 13 CFA delegates had four senior CFA leader champions in Margareth Thomas, Louise Salter, Kate Harrap and John Haynes. Former CFA Project 2016 Manager Deb Parkin also attended. The CFA delegates were very appreciative of the senior leaders who attended and were happy to finally put a face to a name and discuss challenges and potential strategies. These events are a good opportunity to reinforce CFA’s commitment to an inclusive and diverse culture. CFA promotes a culture where everyone is equal and everyone is welcome.

F&EM restructure

A Fire and Emergency Management Transition Management Team has recently been formed to manage, support and guide the transition of F&EM to the new structure and service delivery model. The team comprises:

• Ross Barker – F&EM Transition Manager – manage the overall F&EM transition

• Mario Marii – F&EM Business Partner – supporting the Transition Manager

• John Ruyg – Manager, HR Shared Services – supporting the Transition Manager

• Natasha Johnstone – Career Transition and Recruitment Adviser – one-to-one support for individuals

• Michelle O’Sullivan – Exec Manager Organisational Development – whole of CFA oversight.

The initial focus will be on the regions and districts and organising resources closest to the point of service delivery. Regional transition support arrangements are currently being identified and when in place will provide a key connection and conduit for information sharing and feedback at the regional/district level. The transition team has been carefully chosen based on their skills and expertise in this area and are committed to providing expert advice and assistance. The transition will be coordinated in consultation with the ACOs and other senior managers. Questions relating to the transition process and its impacts should, in the first instance, be directed to Ross Barker F&EM Transition Manager on 0411 258 433 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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