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Service Delivery Strategy

By: Duncan Russell

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  9.38 AM 17 July, 2013

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CFA is currently developing a Service Delivery Strategy to position us for sustainable and effective fire and emergency service delivery to the community over the next 12 to 15 years.

By Tanya Morrison

Reduction in the incidence and impact of fire and other emergencies on the community over the long run is the measure of CFA’s success. We achieve this through a diverse range of risk reduction, fire suppression and incident management services. We do this directly through our brigades, in collaboration with other emergency service organisations and in partnership with the community.

As fire and other emergency risks change over time, we need to adapt and change the mix and balance of our services so that Victorians remain safe, CFA is trusted and respected, and our people are safe, valued and supported.

Service Delivery Strategy

The strategy will consider the trends in population, settlement, climate change and extreme weather, volunteerism, technology and other things that will have an impact on emergencies in the future, and the ways these can be managed to achieve greater public safety and greater public value.

Project owner, Deputy Chief Officer John Haynes has assembled a project team to develop the strategy as a priority. The team includes people from both Fire and Emergency Management and Performance and Strategy.


A focus group (representing volunteers, regions, headquarters departments, the Fire Services Commissioner’s Office and other emergency service organisations and stakeholders) has been assembled to help develop the strategy.

In May, this focus group came together for a two-day workshop in Ballarat to gain a better understanding of what the world might look like in 2025, and to help inform the development of a discussion paper. The group explored key trends and their likely future impacts on emergencies and the sector. These trends included:

  • climate change and extreme weather events
  • growing and ageing population
  • increasing urbanisation
  • long-term trends in depopulation in some parts of Victoria
  • changing community expectations
  • the rapidly-evolving potential role for smart information and communication technologies.

The Service Delivery Strategy discussion paper was released in mid-July, and is currently undergoing statewide consultation in districts, regions and headquarters as well as with our emergency service partners and other stakeholders.

The paper and survey is available on the CFA intranet and Brigades Online (About CFA>Service Delivery>Service Delivery Strategy).

Next Steps

The consultation period closes in mid-September and the project team will again use the focus group to consider the feedback and shape the strategies in response. The strategy will then be considered by the Executive Leadership Team before being presented to the Board for approval. The strategy is expected to be released by the end of 2013. Thereafter, all other CFA strategies and initiatives will align to and implement the directions and intent set out in this strategy.

If you have any questions regarding the Service Delivery Strategy contact Project Manager Phil Harbutt (03 9262 8532).

Last Updated: 17 July 2013