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Services come together at Kiewa


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  5.23 PM 11 July, 2014

Location: District 24 News

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CFA, Police and SES hold joint MVA exercise in Kiewa

Firefighters from Kiewa brigade, in conjunction with Victoria police and Tallangatta SES participated in a mock motor vehicle accident; the setting was a single car into a power pole with one person trapped.  The first stage of the incident was to extinguish a localised fire near the vehicle and to make the area safe for a SES rescue team to move in and extract the casualty from the car.

The local police also attended the training night and took on the roll as incident controller. Both CFA and SES commanders then liaised with the incident controller. The communication between all services on the night was fantastic and everyone had a roll and task throughout the exercise.

This was the 3rd annual combined exercise the Kiewa brigade has run with other emergency services involved and was once again a great training opportunity for members to interact with other services and work together as one team.

Last Updated: 11 July 2014