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SES and CFA working together

Volunteers from CFA and SES spent Sunday 27 October battling a plane crash, car accidents and dangerous chemicals and still had time to enjoy some catering from Red Cross.

Members from CFA’s Mitchell Group (Bairnsdale, Flaggy Creek, Glenaladale, Hillside, Mt Taylor, Paynesville, Sale headquarters and Sarsfield brigades) joined forces with members from SES’ Bairnsdale and Bruthen units from in a range of simulated training exercises held on Sunday 27 October around Mt Taylor.

CFA and SES volunteers worked together to deal with a simulated light plane crash with multiple casualties, car accidents including a variety of simulated dangerous chemicals and unsecured gas cylinders as well as a variety of simulated injuries.

"The day was a great success and a huge thank you goes out to the many brigade volunteers who planned and delivered the various training scenarios. Without support from so many volunteers this type of valuable training just wouldn’t be possible" CFA Group Officer Anthony Cousin said.

The day was a good opportunity for newer CFA and SES to further expand their skills and be better prepared in the face of real life emergencies.

Local Red Cross members were also on hand to provide catering for the more than 60 emergency services volunteers.

CFA and SES volunteers respond to a huge variety of emergencies throughout the year including: bushfires, motor vehicle accidents, building fires, missing persons, medical emergencies and even freeing cats stuck in unusual places.

Last Updated: 25 November 2013