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Sessional instructors to provide more flexible training

By: Lex De Man

  11.00 AM 29 July, 2014

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It will come as welcome news to CFA volunteers that we recently advertised in a number of Victoria's regional newspapers for sessional instructors.

It's expected that, following the recruitment process, a pool of these instructors will be appointed for each district in late December 2014.


Sessional instructors will allow CFA to keep up with the increased training demands on our volunteer brigades, which have grown since the introduction of Minimum Skills training as well as additional training for incident management, specialist rescue, leadership, driving and hazardous materials.


The new instructors will be engaged on a casual basis to allow CFA the flexibility to train volunteer brigades at times and locations that best suit them.


Sessional instructors will in no way diminish the great work done by our volunteer and paid instructors, and will only be called upon when these instructors are not available.


They will be available at short notice, particularly after hours and on weekends, in times of high demand for training delivery and assessment. 


This initiative stems from recommendation 27 of the Jones Report of Inquiry into the Effect of Arrangements made by CFA on its Volunteers, which noted that sessional instructors have an important role to play in the effective, efficient and cost effective delivery of training.


Last Updated: 10 December 2015