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Shed fire in Killingworth

By: CFA Media

Category: Incidents - Structure

  10.48 AM 13 October, 2016

Location: District 12 News

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CFA firefighters attended a shed fire yesterday evening (12 October) at Killingworth on Carey Rd.

Crews were called to the fire at 8.30pm and it was under control by 9.15pm.

Despite crews managing to isolate the fire to half of the 10 x 30 shed, some furniture and electrical tools were destroyed.

Firefighters were required to ventilate the shed before they could gain access and fully extinguish the fire. A thermal imaging camera was also used on scene to assist the process.

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

One firefighter was transported to hospital with a minor injury to his finger.

Nine trucks attended from Alexandra, Homewood, Limestone, Molesworth and Yea. 

Photos by Peter Smith

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