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Shift length: is less more?

By: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

Category: Health & Safety, Planning & Research

  10.51 AM 17 February, 2014

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Are shorter, more frequent shifts for firefighters and incident managers a better alternative to regular day and night shift roster?

The Bushfire CRC's Fire Note 120 explores this. Researchers developed a testing procedure that evaluates the fatigue and mental performance implications of shorter, more frequent shifts over a nine-day period. Data is currently being analysed, and when complete, the research will provide fire managers with initial research on the potential use of sustained operations rosters for firefighters and incident management teams during catastrophic bushfire events.

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Fire Notes are research summaries in easy to understand language from the Bushfire CRC, which is conducting research into the social, environmental and economic impacts of bushfires.

Last Updated: 17 February 2014