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Shocked and saddened by Paris attacks

By: Lucinda Nolan

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  2.32 PM 16 November, 2015

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As news broke early Saturday morning of the callous and savage attacks on the people of Paris, I was reflecting on my first week as CEO.

My thoughts turned quickly to the victims and their families but also to the emergency services workers and Police as first responders, who would have no knowledge of what was unfolding when they took the call.

I, like all of you, am shocked by what unfolded during Saturday.  

As the story will inevitably show in the days ahead, there will have been acts of outstanding courage and bravery from the public and the emergency services personnel who were present at each of the points of attack.

Let us keep in mind that in the face of the terrible carnage, compassion and empathy was on display by the French authorities and people. 

As world leaders have reinforced, our ability to show care and compassion separates us from the perpetrators of such terrible acts.

So, as France enters three days of mourning, we too will reflect on the losses suffered and the role we perform in the service to our communities. 

Let us hope we never have to face an attack of this nature. 

Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

Last Updated: 03 February 2016