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  • Glenburn CFA Sunday 2012
  • Glenburn Brigade CFA Sunday 2012
  • Glenburn Brigade CFA Sunday 2012
  • Glenburn Brigade CFA Sunday 2012
  • Glenburn Brigade CFA Sunday 2012
  • Glenburn Brigade CFA Sunday 2012

By: Sonia Maclean

Category: Community Safety, Events / Fundraising / Offers

  2.33 PM 15 November, 2013

Location: District 12 News

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Glenburn Brigade knows its people, and are once more taking a practical approach to educating the community on CFA Sunday, keeping the focus on know how around pumps, nozzles and protective gear.

The approach is all about making the best use of brigade members’ expertise and the kind of skills being sought by community members, who are on the whole highly knowledgeable when it comes to fire preparedness.

“Our members are more comfortable with showing people, rather than telling them, what they know,” said Brigade Captain David Webb-Ware.

 “So with the help of a couple of our members who are mechanics, last year we looked at pumps, we looked at hoses we looked at nozzles. We looked at how to fix things. There are so many unknowns around pumps – can people start them? If they can’t, we encourage them to consider their options.

“Most rural people do want to have a private firefighting unit – but we need to show them what’s appropriate and what isn’t – the good and the bad. Our brigade members, particularly the farmers amongst us, are well equipped to do this.

“By involving members using their own skills they develop a sense of ownership with these kinds of events, and there’s a real pride because they know it works.

David says the overriding theme this year will be recovery for rural landholders, and setting yourself up to recover as quickly as possible after a fire.

“We’ll look in particular at insurance – which is very important, but also the design and construction of fences so that if a fire does come through everything isn’t flattened,’ he said.

The event - purposefully smaller – so as not to overwhelm the community will encompass the basics of – fire ratings, protective clothing, hydration and potential road closures. 

Last Updated: 16 November 2013