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Sizzling Senior States conclude

  • The egg & bacon breakfasts were popular. Breakfast Team Member Nobby Read serves it up here while the team cook it up in the background.
  • Sunday is always a big day at the Championships. Here's an overview of the action on the wet track
  • The Echelon Movement is always a spectacular start to the Championships. Here the teams stand in line behind the Chief
  • The oval is always busy during the day as teams come and go and 'roll on' for their next run.
  • Kangaoo Flat's joyous celebration after the winning run.
  • The Marshall Track held a lot of attention during the day as well. Warrnambool's Adam Bishop goes into the back of the Y in his One Man event.
  • There's a lot more events now featuring modern fiefighting appliances. Here Warrnambool starts their run in the Pumper and Ladder event.
  • Just one of the jobs the Local Committee does is organise trophies. Here Warrnambool Brigade Member Max Smart presents one of the custom designed and made station trophies. Warrnambool Brigade and the Triton Woodwork Club were responsible for these.

By: David Ferguson

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  9.54 PM 11 March, 2013

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A weekend of State Senior Urban Championship action concluded today in Warrnambool as the city temperature passed the 38 degree mark and the track action got hotter still.

As the temperature in Warrnambool was leading the state, the State Championships drew to a dramatic concluson.  At 1.30pm Warrnambool's weather station recorded 38.5 degrees, and at the same time the contest for the Grand Aggregate and Champion Team status reached its unbelievable climax.  Going into the final event, the Champion Fours, Western Australia's Bassendean led Kangaroo Flat by 6 points in the aggregate.  The Flat had to finish 1st or 2nd and hope that Bassendean struggled to clinch the event and the Championships.

Kangaroo Flat benefitted from a fast time in the second round, where they were beaten by the Dandy boys, but as one of the fastest losers they got through to the final run against time.  This also meant that they were the last team to run.  Bassendean's run against time was gallant but not their best for the day, which left the door open for Kangaroo Flat.  As they lined up on the mark they knew that they had to beat a time of around 17.2 seconds to win the Champion Fours and clinch the Grand Aggregate.

The team was good enough by a fair margin, as they recorded the only 16 second time in the event, taking the win and sealing the Champion Team title.  Bassendean were gracious in defeat, knowing that when their best was needed they didn't quite pull it out.  Sadly for the sandgropers this loss was followed by another loss in the state versus state challenge which finished the day.

As a Brigade the Warrnambool Team continued the work after the events to start the clean-up of an effort that started over two weeks previously at the State juniors.  The Brigade is very appreciative of the support received from the City of Warrnambool, VFBV and the DMOs, and the various sponsors, supporters, helpers and organisations such as South Warrnambool Footy Club who share the venue with the Brigade.  The CFA also played a great hand, mounting an excellent display and bringing several trucks for people to check out.  In particular the Brigade enjoyed the support of the Chief Officer and his wife who spent three days at the event, speaking to anyone and everyone, and showing much interest in the people the events and the city.  The Chief also spent time at Warrnambool Station, catching up with staff and volunteers.

To conclude, we get back to business.  At 9.40pm after the demo there's an alarm at the local TAFE, and that brings us all back to reality after a fantastic weekend.  Oh, and apparently its a TFB tomorrow...

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