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Small fire in Hazelwood coal bunker

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  7.34 PM 23 May, 2016

Location: District 27 News

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Update 6:30pm: Firefighters have brought the coal bunker fire under control.

6pm: CFA firefighters are working to extinguish a small fire in a coal processing plant at the Hazelwood Mine.

The fire in the roof of a slot bunker, where coal is prepared for power generation, was reported around 3.45pm Monday (23 May).

Likely to be the result of spontaneous combustion, a warning was issued for the surrounding area.

While not significant, District 27 Rostered Duty Officer, Operations Officer John Radford, said the seat of the fire was difficult to access.

“CFA has brought in specialist aerial trucks to try and get water to the fire from above. While it’s not spreading, it will take some time to fully extinguish,” Mr Radford said.

Two large ladder platform vehicles from Traralgon and Dandenong, and an aerial pumper truck from Morwell, were at the scene working with trucks from Churchill, Hazelwood North, Boolarra and Traralgon South.

"The combination of high reaching trucks has been quite effective in containing the spread of the fire which is burning at the top of the bunker, which is the equivalent height of a 15 storey building," Mr Radford added.

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