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Smoke visible in Cape Bridgewater

By: CFA Media

Category: Incidents - Bushfire

  6.01 PM 29 October, 2017

Location: District 4 News

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Residents around the Cape Bridgewater area might see smoke in the air this evening due to a large grass and scrub fire at a Plantation in Cape Bridgewater today (29 October).

Firefighters were called to the incident on Knights and Parkers Road at 11.57am.

Operations Officer Jessica Walsh said the fire was approximately 40 hectares in size.

“Firefighters worked hard to suppress the fire,” Jessica said.

“The fire was started due to a private burn off that had escaped.

“Crews will remain on scene for an extended period of time, with the assistance of helicopters and partnering agencies.

“CFA & FFMVic worked well together to get the fire under control.

“It is a timely reminder that even though paddocks and grasslands are green there is still a chance of fast moving fires breaking out on your property.

“Ensure you register your burn off and check local weather on the day.

“Even if you have registered your burn, conditions can change quickly and fires can get out of control within minutes in hot and windy conditions.

“The effects of an out-of-control fire can be devastating and we want everyone to excise extreme caution, especially as we transition into the warmer months.   

“There is a significant amount of smoke in the area which may continue to linger throughout the evening and tomorrow, as such we are asking residents in the area to take care and be aware.”

People with asthma, or other conditions that make them susceptible to the effects of smoke, are advised to consider staying indoors, reducing their exercise, taking their medications and following their asthma plan. Those experiencing symptoms should seek medical advice or contact Nurse-On-Call on 1300 606 024.

27 CFA vehicles from Bessibelle, Byaduk, Cape Bridgewater, Cashmore, Casterton, Digby, Dundas Group, Gorae West, Heathmere, Heywood, Koroit, Macarthur group, Milltown, Narrawong, Nelson, Port Fairy, Portland, Tyrendarra, Warrnambool and Willatook were in attendance.

Last Updated: 29 October 2017