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South Gippsland Group celebrates

  • A surprise at the South Gippsland Group of Fire Brigades annual dinner was that Foster firefighter Paul Austin, right, was presented with a Life Membership to the brigade by 1st Lt James McIntyre, left, and Captain David Jones, middle. Lt McIntyre and Cpt
  • Operations Manager Bill Johnstone congratulates Foster 1st Lt James McIntyre on his National Medal.
  • Kaylene Jones, 2nd Lt at Foster Fire Brigade, is presented with her National Medal by Operations Manager Bill Johnstone.
  • Foster firefighter Paul Austin is presented with his National Medal 1st Clasp by OM Bill Johnstone.
  • Ron Fisher of Foster Fire Brigade is presented with his National Medal 1st and 2nd Clasp by OM Bill Johnstone.
  • Foster Captain David Jones is presented with his 1st and 2nd Clasp National Medal by OM Bill Johnstone.
  • Dumbalk member Tommy Marshman was presented with a 55 year service award.
  • Fish Creek members were honoured: Bryan Duffus (55 year service medal), Bigrit Senior (10 year medal) and Ian Vernon (5 year certificate)

By: Danika DENT

Category: Honours & Awards

  2.52 PM 1 August, 2017

Location: District 9 News

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The South Gippsland Group of Fire Brigades celebrated its long-serving members at its annual presentation dinner recently.

The Meeniyan Dumbalk United Football Clubrooms were full as a number of special medals and awards were presented.

A highlight of the evening was the surprise presentation of five National Medals and Clasps.

The National Medal recognises prolonged exposure to hazard in the service of the community.

All medals were presented to Foster and District Fire Brigade members.

A National Medal was presented to 1st Lieutenant James McIntyre and 2nd Lieutenant Kaylene Jones.

The National Medal 1st Clasp went to firefighter Paul Austin, and National Medal 1st and 2nd Clasps to firefighter and VFBV Delegate Ron Fisher, and Captain David Jones.

It was a particularly special night for Paul Austin, who was also surprised with a Foster Fire Brigade Life Membership.

Other significant awards were presented to:

Dumbalk Fire Brigade: Ian Hasty, Chris Oliver, Jason Riley, James Gardner, Naomi Campbell (5 Year Certificate); Barry Auchterlonie, Lisa Strempel (10 Year Award); Alan Coulter (50 Year Award); Tommy Marshman (55 Year Award).

Fish Creek And District Fire Brigade: Iain Vernon, Mike Devine, Rob Inglefinger (5 Year Certificate); Birgit Senior (10 Year Award); Andrew Cumming, Jan Hamilton, Andrew Dorling (25 Year Award); Craig Ferguson (30 Year Award); Geoff Grumley (35 Year Award); Bryan Duffus, Mick Dorling (55 Year Award).

Foster Fire Brigade: Emma Ryan, Rachel Vanin (5 Year Certificate); Pauline Angwin (15 Year Award); Sharyn Fisher (20 Year Award); Brian Mellor (30 Year Award).

Hedley Fire Brigade: Glenn Riley, Ben Pearson, Matthew Conn (5 Year Certificate); Pam Ryan, Kaylene Reilly (15 Year Award); Peter Vening (30 Year Award).

Meeniyan & Stony Creek Fire Brigade: Hanna-Rose Ball, Natalie Young (5 Year Certificate); Brad Cousins (10 Year Award); Justin Griffin, Marc Harbert (25 Year Award); Paddy Eldred (35 Year Award (2016)).

Tarwin Lower District Fire Brigade: Jim Barr, Riley Walker (5 Year Certificate); Daniel Lawrie (10 Year Award); Benjamin Laing (15 Year Award); Robert Lawrie, Darren Harris (20 Year Award); John Harris (50 Year Award).

Toora Fire Brigade: Sue Benton (15 Year Award); Edgar Truscott (60 Year Award).

Welshpool Fire Brigade: Luke Grylls, Shannon Stephens (15 Year Award); Clarrie Smith (35 Year Award).

Yanakie Fire Brigade: Kiel Jones, Mark Wrigley (5 Year Certificate); Kylie Francis (10 Year Award); Raoul Pridham, Daniel Brickle (25 Year Certificate); Daniel Morgan (45 Year Award).

Last Updated: 01 August 2017