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Specialist Appliances, Emergency Management Victoria, Training Centre Opens,

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 3 July, 2014

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Specialist Appliances Keep On Rolling Out

In the last 3 months, CFA has introduced eight new specialist appliances - four Heavy Hazmat vehicles and four Aerial Pumpers.

Heavy Hazmat vehicles are operational in Shepparton and Hallam. Training is currently underway for the further two Heavy Hazmat vehicles for Corio and Ballarat City. Training has been delayed by significant operational activity over the fire season including the Hazelwood Open Cut mine fire. These vehicles are expected to be available for use in July/August 2014.

Aerial Pumpers have been allocated to Shepparton, Mildura, Warrnambool and Morwell. Late last week a minor technical problem was detected with part of the water delivery system. A fix has been engineered and these appliances are expected to be back in service within days.

The Aerial Pumper for Warrnambool requires infrastructure changes to the station and final training to be completed. This vehicle is expected to be in service within the next two months.

CFA is continuing to consult with the UFU and our volunteers regarding infrastructure at enhancements at Corio, Ballarat, Hallam, and Warrnambool.

Emergency Management Victoria

As of the 1st July, the new Emergency Management Act came into effect and Emergency Management Victoria is now formally in place. We congratulate the Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley and Acting CEO Neil Robertson.

EMV is currently in a process of appointing a number of senior staff to support their executive leaders. The Act also creates a role of Inspector General of Emergency Management (IGEM). Clint Saarinen is currently acting in this role until a substantive appointment is made. IGEM's legislative responsibilities include undertaking system-wide reviews of the emergency management arrangements, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the state's (interim) Strategic Action Plan and evaluating state-wide training and exercising arrangements in consultation with the sector.

Interim Emergency Management Strategic Action Plan

The Minister for Emergency Services, Hon Kim Wells MP has also released an interim E-M Strategic Action Plan for 2014/15. This plan will focus on initiatives that will be delivered in 2014/15 and it will set the foundations for priorities in the E-M sector going forward.

The focus of the plan is to build a sustainable emergency management system that adopts an "all hazards, all agencies" approach. The plan will drive the E-M reform agenda, set priorities, guide government investment decision making and drive integration to deliver improved community emergency management outcomes.

Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre At Craigieburn

Last Sunday saw the opening of the Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre (VEMTC) at Craigieburn by the Premier Denis Napthine. This is a multi-million dollar investment, heavily sponsored by MFB, which will benefit all emergency service and emergency management agencies. Victoria Police recently announced that they will also be investing in the site for a police weapons training facility.

This centre is modelled in global best practice training facilities in Scotland and Denmark. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a world best practice fire and emergency training facility.

CFA will be making significant use of the Craigieburn facility and plans are afoot for local career and volunteer CFA members to use the facility very soon. At the same time, CFA and MFB are deeply into planning for an inaugural joint recruit firefighter course, based at the VEMTC. This recruit course will commence in August. It is envisaged that, over time, a single joint agency recruit firefighter course and process will evolve out of this work.

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