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Springvale tackles the Eureka Tower

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  • Members from Springvale Fire Brigade begin the 88 floor climb to the top of the Eureka Tower
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  1.18 PM 19 November, 2012

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On Sunday 18th of November career and volunteer members from the Springvale Fire Brigade attempted one of Australia’s most gruelling vertical challenges, the 88 storey climb to the top of the Eureka Tower.

The day prior and even that morning members from the Eureka team had participated in the 24 hour Relay for Life, assisting their fellow CFA firefighters in racking up additional laps before heading to the Eureka Tower.

Springvale Fire Brigade Teams managed to place 3rd & 8th overall in the Emergency Services Team category with an amazing effort by Station Officer Matt Jones who raced to the top of the tower in 11 minutes and 21 seconds.

It was a fantastic effort overall and well enjoyed by all members; Dave Nyugen, Tony Nyugen, Brad Harker, Adrian McCarthy, Michael Rowell, Francis Grech, Matt Jones, Chung Wai and Matt Todd - who are all keen to return next year.

Last Updated: 20 November 2012