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State Incident Management Training Delivery update

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  2.50 PM 4 May, 2015

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The first course of the new State Incident Management Training Delivery Project yearly calendar starts on 19 May 2015.

Last year, the project team delivered 92 individual courses across 21 areas. The courses were attended by a total of 355 people from CFA, DELWP, SES, MFB, EMV and other interstate agencies.  63 per cent of the participants were from CFA.

An independent evaluation of the 2014 delivery found that the project met its central purpose, which was to develop, distribute, conduct and administer a full year training calendar. Most of the 15 recommendations listed in the evaluation report have already been addressed by the Project Steering Committee. EMV will submit a full report with recommendations to its Capability and Response Sub-Committee.

This year, the State Incident Management Training Delivery Project calendar offers around 60 courses across 17 areas to all agencies. The Steering Committee determined that the number of areas should be reduced to 17 because of a change in mapping software, the removal of two leadership programs and a decision to return to DELWP the Fire Behaviour Analyst Course (FBAN).

May and June courses are nearly booked out.

In 2015, Fire Weather 1, Intermediate Bushfire Behaviour and Sector Commander Courses will be run in each region by regional staff. This will provide volunteers with training that is more accessible and closer to home.

Funding for the current project has been secured until June 2016. Long term funding is being sought through EMV.

Last Updated: 04 May 2015