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State program supporting community initiatives

  • Drummers from Toora Primary School's Bolder Bush Beats

By: Sian Jepson

Category: Community Safety

  12.28 PM 30 March, 2017

Location: General

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CFA’s 2016-17 Summer Fire Safety Local Initiatives program has once again supported brigades and community organisations to deliver localised summer fire safety activities across Victoria this summer.

The program – which is now drawing to a close - provided one-off grants to brigades and community organisations to fund innovative and empowering initiatives that seek to build community leadership, increase fire awareness, promote shared responsibility and ultimately strengthen community resilience throughout Victoria.

“For CFA to continue to support communities in preparing for fire into the future, we must work together and strengthen relationships with our communities to not only manage and respond to emergencies but to work towards more connected and resilient communities, particularly in high risk areas” said Gwynne Brennan, Executive Manager, Community Safety. 

“Providing funding to brigades and community groups through this program has helped to strengthen our volunteers and builds strong and lasting connections in our most at risk communities.”

The program funded 21 initiatives in 2016/17 summer fire season including the development of a trivia game, school based music, percussion and drama program and the installation of notice boards in rural bus stops to promote community safety messages.

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Last Updated: 06 April 2017