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State Rostering Application, Service Delivery Strategy, VESEP

By: Euan Ferguson

  4.06 PM 8 April, 2015

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State Rostering Application

It is timely to provide an update on Kronos, CFA’s State Rostering Application (SRA).

  • All stations in District 8 and District 13 have fully transitioned to the SRA. Variation Voucher (VV) books have now ceased at stations in these districts and all entitlements are now paid via the SRA.
  • A review of the SRA was undertaken in mid-February with District 8. This was an opportunity for members to advise the team what is working well and what improvements can be made to the systems and processes to best suit the needs of our people.
  • Stations in District 14 have gone live with the SRA and the team expects the transition will be fully completed by the end of April. CFA understands it takes time for members to learn a new system and transition from a manual-based system to an online system. Support is provided during the transition period through on-station training sessions, online tools, job aids, phone and remote support. Additionally, an informal support network is evolving amongst the groups using the system.
  • The SRA training for the remainder of the state is scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

The system is helping to reduce paperwork, speed up payment processing and is making it easier for senior station staff to manage their stations. I encourage members using the system to provide their feedback and any suggested changes. This input will go through a formal review and approval process – the objective being to have a user friendly, intuitive application.

Service Delivery Strategy

The CFA Service Delivery Strategy 2015-2020 is a stepping stone to our long-term outcomes. It will drive CFA to make changes to support local people to solve local problems. It keeps the focus on public safety at CFA’s core. This strategy is focused on the services that CFA delivers externally with our community, informing our future service planning and capability requirements across the whole organisation. Support services that enable frontline service delivery are addressed in the supporting four strategies; Volunteerism, People, Asset and Finance. Together these five strategies make up the network of CFA strategies.

Consultation is currently occurring to validate the direction that CFA is taking over the course of the strategy, as well as ensuring it is well understood by everyone in the organisation. This includes visiting districts and regions, as well as conducting sessions at other CFA locations and with our partners and stakeholders. Log on to CFA Online to view a copy of the Service Delivery Strategy 2015-2020 and provide your feedback on the Service Delivery Strategy Discussion website.

Volunteer Emergency Service Equipment Program

The Volunteer Emergency Service Equipment Program (VESEP) is now open for 2015-16 applications. VESEP provides funding to eligible Volunteer Emergency Services to purchase ancillary equipment in recognition of volunteer’s ongoing contribution in protecting Victorian communities. Applications need to be submitted to districts by 27 April 2015. The program includes four categories:

  • Volunteer amenities <5K
  • Minor works <75K
  • Operational equipment
  • Tankers and specialist appliances.

Brigades/groups can apply for one project per funding round as outlined within Emergency Management Victoria guidelines. All brigade and group secretaries have been posted the application packs which include EMV brochure, CFA guidelines and application forms. Further information is available from Brigades Online, the CFA Intranet or the VFBV website.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015